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Care for the Caregiver

You Are Not Alone

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Newsletter Topics

January 2018 Newsletter
2018 Key Medicaid and Medicare Figures

Taking The Next Step
Taking the Correct Medication at the Correct Time

November 2017 Newsletter
Holidays Are The Time To Check Up On Aging Parent
Dementia Care Specialist to the Rescue
Primary Progressive Aphasia

August 2017 Newsletter
Alzheimer’s And Anesthesia
Identifying and Treating Memory Issues is Better with a Team of Providers Experienced in The Care of the Elderly
How to Manage Reluctance to Taking Medication

June 2017 Newsletter
Taking Away the Car Keys & List of Transportation Options
The Importance of Dental Care in the Alzheimer and Dementia Individuals 
Increase Federal Funding for Alzheimer’s Research 
Father Day Gift Ideas

April 2017 Newsletter
 How To Combat Caregiver Stress
Why does someone with dementia ask the same question over and over again?????
The Benefits of Hospice

February 2017 Newsletter
Hitting A Tipping Point
Positive Effects of Music

Hearing Loss and Dementia

January 2017 Newsletter
Reversible and Irreversible Dementias
Reducing Caregiver’s Guilt

November Newsletter
Improving The Lives of Family Caregivers
Tips to Enjoy a Successful Holiday
Working Women as Caregivers

October Newsletter
Transitioning A Loved One With Dementia
It’s Fall- Let’s Prevent Falls
Men As Caretakers

September Newsletter
Knowing the difference between normal aging and Alzheimer’s disease
Reduced antipsychotics recommended for dementia
Having meaningful interactions with Individuals with dementia

June Newsletter
Who Is Taking Care of The Caregiver?
What's The Buzz About Caregiver Fatigue?
Father's Day Gifts Fore Caregivers

May Newsletter
Strategies For Living Well With Early Stage Alzheimer's
Tips For How To Care For Me If I Get Dementia
Mother's Day Gifts For Caregivers

Distinguishing the Changes of Typical Aging From Dementia
4 Things You Should Never Say to Your Aging Parents

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