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Whether you are a family member or professional caregiver, caring for an individual with Alzheimer's Disease or a related form of dementia can be extremely demanding and stressful.

I can provide you with the tools and necessary support to become proactive and planful rather than reactive and overwhelmed.  


 For Family Caregivers 
      Offered in the privacy of the home

  • Comprehensive assessment to evaluate service needs of family caregivers
  • Development of an individualized care plan based on concrete and specific strategies enabling caregivers to render effective, compassionate care
  • Continual monitoring and communication to support caregivers with any questions or issues
  • Assistance with short and long term planning
  • Referrals to a vast network of professionals

For Professional Development Needs of Staff

      Dementia Care Training Program  
  • Causes of memory loss, symptoms related to progressive stages of dementia, and common myths
  • Principles and practices of effective care
  • Approaches to resolve challenging behaviors
  • Stress reduction techniques for caregivers

         This interactive training includes handouts and certificate

For Community Presentations

Topics available for professional annd non professional organizations

  • Normal Aging vs Dementia
  • Caring For The Caregiver
  • Signs Of Caregiver Stress
  • Caring For Our Parents-Why Is It So Hard?
  • How To Get Siblings On Board
  • How to Determine the RIght Fit In Residential Care  New Topic!
  •  How Communication Challenges With Dementia Can Lead To Phyisical Aggression
  • Long Distance Caregiving-Going From Snapshot To Critical Evaluation
  • How to Manage an Individual with Alzheimer's Disease
  • Picking Up The Warning Signs Indicating The Need For Change






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