Reducing Isolation & Stress

The coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic has us sheltering in place. While it may be frustrating and challenging it is especially hard on caregivers who are now assuming more responsibilities and have less of a break. What I am hearing in my clinical practice is that the disruption in routine, the unknown timetable of sheltering in place and feelings of isolation are wreaking havoc on caregivers.

What To Do

Tips to Reduce Isolation and Stress

  • Maintain a daily structured routine which includes:
     1.  daily chores
     2. physical activity (walks outside, dancing, chair exercise) There are a
           lots of videos to follow going on your computer, go to YouTube  
           and in the search bar type in chair exercises
      3. listen to soothing music relaxing music
      4. stay in touch with others (phone call and if available, facetime)
      5. do something positive
      6. practice breathing techniques
  • Avoid watching TV news
  • Watch fun movies 10 Funny Movies on Netflix
  • Find helpful resources - Age Friendly Englewood has a wealth of resources
                   Email to join at: [email protected]
  • Join an online Caregiver Support Group Teleconference caregiver support group

      We will get through this by being there for each other

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