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March Dementia Caregiver Education Series

Tuesdays, March 9, 16, 23, 30 at 12pm

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January 25, 2021

Why Do People With Dementia Say No (and how to turn a no into a yes)

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May 17, 2018

Meeting Of The Minds Conference


As a person’s dementia progresses, they loose the ability to make sound decisions. To maintain safety, health and overall well-being, others, usually family members,  assume this responsibility and many decisions are difficult ones. My recent presentation at the Alzheimer’s Association annual Hudson Valley regional conference offered a How-to-Guide For Caregivers: What are the Difficult Decisions and When Do You Make Them

Examples of difficult decisions range from:

  • Taking away the car keys
  • Assuming the bill paying
  • Bringing in the assistance of others
  • Getting involved in personal care
  • Transferring to a long term care
  • Initiating hospice care

Here are guidelines that I suggested to assist in making difficult decisions:

  • Determine what are the options
  • What is the easiest first step
  • What are the solutions to get you through and beyond
  • What are the roadblocks
  • How will you feel after you take action
  • How will you reward yourself
  • Plan for setbacks

In making these difficult decisions family members do not always agree that there is a problem or view the solution differently. Given that each family situation is different, I offer personalized guidance to accomplish that difficult decisions are made.      

If you need more information to help you make those difficult decisions contact me.

May 22, 2018

Caregiver Stress

April 21, 2018

This symposium which is free and open to the public always offers up to date information, community resources, opportunity to talk directly to professionals. I am honored to be presenting at this conference. 

Caregiver Conference

May 17, 2018

I am honored to be presenting at the upcoming Meeting of the Minds  Fourth Annual Hudson Valley Regional Dementia Conference. I will be presenting A How-To Guide for Caregivers: What are the Difficult Decisions and When Do You Make Them?


Click to register or learn more about the Meeting of the Minds Dementia Conference taking place on May 17!


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June 15, 2017


July 21, 2016

Mayor's Wellness Initiative- Alzheimer's Symposium

In my continued effort to raise Alzheimer's Awareness on a town basis, I was asked by the Mayor of Mahwah to organized a special program for older adults who attend attend their Senior Center. In addition to coordinating the symposium, I presented along with an attorney and financial planner. The 125 attendees learned about the difference between Normal aging and Alzheimer's and Legal and financial considerations and planning. The event was sponsored by Brandywine Assisted Living in Mahwah.


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