• Exercise Can Benefit Brain Function
    Exercise can benefit brain function Read more
    This is an aricle of interest from Daily Caring. Hospital trips happen suddenlySudden hospital trips with your older adult are incredibly stressful and completely outside of your control. But there is Read more
  • Holidays Are Times To Check In On Your Parents
    When families live at a distance, the holidays can be the only time to assess how a parent or relative is doing. It is useful to use the time together Read more
  • Maintaining The Holiday Spirit With Individuals With Dementia
    Maintaining the holiday spirit for an individual with dementia can be challenging, but it's important to create a warm and inclusive environment that can help them enjoy the festivities. Here Read more
  • Can Vaccinations Lower Dementia Risk?
    As COVID roars back and as winter approaches, there are increasing warnings about a major COVID outbreak.  But after three years of culture wars against the COVID vaccine, the idea Read more
  • Daily Activities For Individuals With Dementia
    Due to changes in the brain of an individual with dementia, it is helpful to have a variety of activities in which the individual will engage, feel valuable and are Read more
  • Impact of Alcohol and Drugs to Combat Caregiver Stress
    Caregivers play a crucial role in providing care and support to individuals with a form of dementia. However, caregiving responsibilities can be overwhelming and lead to significant stress. Some caregivers Read more
  • Why Some People With Dementia Are Combative
    It can be hard to understand why your loved one is behaving the way he or she does. Dementia changes the brain of the person you love. Through no fault Read more
  • Dementia & Eating Challenges
    In working with caregivers of individuals with dementia, a frequent issue is a change in their eating habits. Common behavioral changes include: a change in food preferences; an increase or Read more
  • Medications For Individuals with dementia-benefits and risks
    I have recently been following Dr. Blamb's blogs which I find informative and want to pass on to caregivers and professionals in the field. This blog addresses the the use of Read more
  • Dementia Care Specialist to the Rescue
    Dementia Care Specialist to the Rescue As older adults are living longer, there is a greater likelihood that they will develop a form of Alzheimer’s dementia. The biggest risk factor for Read more
  • Holidays Are The Time To Check Up On Your Parent
    When families live at a distance, the holidays can be the only time to assess how a parent or relative is doing. It is useful to use the time together Read more
  • How To Achieve Successful Outcome When Change Is Needed
    My last blog offered specific signs to look for as indicators of change in the health and safety in an older adult. Indicators of change Once information has been gathered, and there are changes, the next step is communicating your concerns to the older adult in a manner which will be accepted and implemented. Here are 4 tips to achieve a successful outcome: Read more
  • Best Tip for Caregivers of Veterans and Their Families
    Veterans Day on November 11 is the time to honor those who served in the military during wartime or peace time. Along with thanking veterans for their service, the best Read more
  • Medications That Worsen Alzheimers/Dementia
    Individuals with Alzheimer’s disease or a related form of dementia often have sleep issues, experience anxiety and agitation. To relieve these symptoms caregivers may turn to over counter  antihistamines (like Read more
  • New Service Coverage Includes Cognitive Assessment & Care Plan Services
    Medicare Part B-Covered ServicesMedicare 2022 will cover a separate visit for a cognitive assessment allowing your health care provider to more thoroughly evaluate cognitive function and help with care planning.When Read more

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