Services Provided

Whether you are a family member or professional caregiver, caring for an individual with Alzheimer's Disease or a related form of dementia can be extremely demanding and stressful.

I can provide you with the tools and necessary support to become proactive and planful rather than reactive and overwhelmed.  


For Family Caregivers - Offered in the privacy of the home

  • Comprehensive care assessment of the needs, behavioral and functional challenges and abilities of individual with a form of dementia
  • Comprehensive assessment to evaluate and develop knowledge, skills and availability of the primary caregiver. 
  • Development of an individualized care plan based on concrete and specific strategies enabling caregivers to render effective and compassionate care. Plan can include:
  1. Methods to manage personal care
  2. Communication strategies
  3. Engaging activities
  4. Finding triggers that result in behavioral changes
  5. Dealing with sundowning
  6. Ways to reduce agitation and aggression by redirecting and utilizing principles of validation therapy
  7. Monitoring devices to maintain safety
  8. Respite care options
  • Continual monitoring and communication to support caregivers with any questions or issues
  • Assistance with short and long term planning
  • Connecting caregivers with support systems
  • Community based care options
  • Referrals to a vast network of professionals

For Professional Development Needs of Staff - 
Dementia Care Training Program  

  • Causes of memory loss, symptoms related to progressive stages of dementia, and common myths
  • Principles and practices of effective care
  • Approaches to resolve challenging behaviors
  • Stress reduction techniques for caregivers

         This interactive training includes handouts and certificate

For Community Presentations

Topics available for professional and non professional organizations

  • Normal Aging vs Dementia
  • Caring For The Caregiver
  • Signs Of Caregiver Stress
  • Caring For Our Parents-Why Is It So Hard?
  • How To Get Siblings On Board
  • How to Determine the RIght Fit In Residential Care  New Topic!
  •  How Communication Challenges With Dementia Can Lead To Phyisical Aggression
  • Long Distance Caregiving-Going From Snapshot To Critical Evaluation
  • How to Manage an Individual with Alzheimer's Disease
  • Picking Up The Warning Signs Indicating The Need For Change

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