When my mother was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s disease, I knew I wanted to retire early from my career in order to care for her, but I had no idea where to start or how to do so. Both my husband & sister continued to work & I became Mom’s primary caregiver. I am thankful every day for a colleague who provided Vivian‘s name & number to me, as she had been through the same with her mother earlier. Had it not been for Vivian, her genuine compassion, empathy & caring, I think I probably would have thrown in the towel a lot sooner. But Vivian’s genuine concern, sound advice & concrete, clear suggestions for meaningful interventions allowed me to enjoy over 14 months of quality time with my mother. As her disease progressed, it became clear that Mom needed a level of care greater than I could provide. I expressed my feelings to Vivian & she was wholeheartedly supportive. She helped me to understand that I could allow others to take over care for her now, without feeling guilty & be a daughter again instead of a caregiver. Mom is content & thriving now in an assisted living facility, our relationship is once again pleasant & stress-free. Vivian is a godsend & I couldn’t have done it without her.

Joanne Ekhert December 2020

Vivian Green Korner provides caring, gentle, and realistic options for caregivers. My association with Vivian was fostered through a dear friend from high school across state lines. While comparing and discussing our respective eldercare journeys, my classmate suggested I contact Vivian. Over the course of several zoom visits, Vivian provided avenues and options for navigating family dynamics, personal struggles, and assurance of positive aspects of care giving for parents. All from a distance, through a screen with genuine, insightful and research- based advice and counsel. 

I highly recommend Vivian who has unique perspective and expertise that has proven to be most helpful and comforting. As a family, we have utilized and applied her suggestions, all in the best interest of wellness for our mother who celebrates 87 years soon – with dementia. A former elementary school teacher and community volunteer, we still enjoy Mom’s effervescent smile. Mom resides in a beautiful Assisted Living Facility in Ohio, with all three children two hours away. We are profoundly grateful for Vivian’s assistance and highly recommend connecting with her. She works in partnership with individuals and families to help create positive interactions with parents, residents of facilities and facility staff. 

Janice Cook Swanson

Ostrander, Ohio 

December 17, 2020

Vivian's weekly newsletters are an inspiration for both my personal life and business. Her suggestions for older adults and those experiencing dementia are engaging and all inclusive. Vivian's services and expertise are an asset to any family or organization.

Nikki Manx & Laura Van Dyke,  Co-Artistic Directors
HeART in Motion Studio

Approximately 80% of Alzheimer’s caregivers are family members.  Because of the intense nature of the level of care they need and the cognitive decline of the affected patient, it is not only physically but also mentally taxing to the caregivers.  It is also a great financial burden to families.  Although this disease is very common, many do not know the resources available or where to turn for help.  This is where Vivian provides much needed information to the community.  I have worked with Vivian on workshops that provided information to the community and the feedback has been extremely positive.  We are often asked when we are doing another presentation so attendees can send their friends who missed it. Her approach is extremely professional and compassionate.

Laurie Hauptman, elder law attorney

My husband has been experiencing early onset cognitive decline. It hasn't been easy adjusting to the early stages of his dementia. As a family we knew we needed help and found information about Vivian Korner Green online. Vivian suggested a multi-phased approach for us. She began by spending time getting to know us in person, listening to my husband and identifying his needs, and providing him with emotional support and helpful information about his disease. She listened to me, the primary caregiver, as well and helped me to understand how I could use kindness, humor and practical strategies to help him. After several months of private visits, Vivian has been a valuable resource for us both with her guidance and direction to community resources that has enabled my husband to continue to be social and active and ways to expand our support network. We are grateful for all she has done to support us and help us to be prepared for what lies ahead. 

 Kathy P.


Dear Ms. Green Korner,

On behalf of Eastwick College and our Occupational Therapy Assistant program, we would like to offer our sincere gratitude for the exceptionally informative lecture you so graciously shared on the topic of Dementia.  The definitions, identifying signs and symptoms, as well as daily applications and strategies for improved quality of life will forever be remembered.

We could never thank you enough for sharing your expertise with our students.  We look forward to having you come back for many years to come.


Susanna Shamy MS/OT/L, Fieldwork Coordinator, Eastwick College, Ramsey, NJ


We had Vivian speak at the most recent meeting of our Caregiver Support meeting. The main topic was how to know if a loved one is developing dementia, and she offered a wealth of information on that topic and others... everyone at the meeting said the got something that would be helpful to them. We hope to have her again soon!Just to let you know, I bought the whiteboard, as you suggested, and this has helped tremendously.  I list the day, date,what has to be done for the day, and the TV programs to be watched for the day. She looks at it and has helped her a great deal.I also bought her a new watch with a bigger face which makes it easier for her to see.

David K.

Once again, thank you. Caregiver November, 2016


In the Spring of 2015, Vivian, in partnership with our firm coordinated Paramus’ first time Alzheimer’s Readiness Event. This very successful four-day event helped raise community awareness about dementia, helped to eliminate the stigma, and most importantly supported caregivers and families affected by the disease. Programs that were offered by professionals from the Alzheimer’s Association, Kessler Rehabilitation, Valley Hospital, a noted dementia care expert and law enforcement all received high praise and appreciation from attendees. All programs were free and open to the public and had the support and backing of the Paramus borough municipality. The success has furthered our commitment to offer similar events in other towns to assist communities to work toward becoming dementia friendly.


Kenneth W. Nicholas,Principal
Senior Helpers Bergen County


On behalf of the employees here at SES, I would like to thank you for helping to educate our employees on the important topic of caregiving.  I know that several of our employees are already faced with this challenging task and I believe that your presentation has helped equip them with resources and information that will make their caregiving experience more manageable and pleasant.  

Kim Huhn  
Sr. Benefits Specialist Americas

I have known Vivian professionally for about 8 years and regard her in the highest esteem. I started working with her when I sent clients to her special program for cognitively impaired seniors at the JCC on the Palisades where she was the director of this important program.

When she became a Certified Dementia Specialist, my company, Home Helpers, began utilizing her training services for our employees.  Her sessions were really appreciated by our employees and employed many interactive techniques, including role playing, in order for them to be able to provide the relevant mental and physical techniques to our many clients with dementia.

We also share many dementia clients and our ability to communicate frequently on the status of these clients, creates the best atmosphere to insure that we are able to slow the progress of their dementia.  These improvements also allow the spouses of dementia clients to restart their own lives and interests since they can now rely on the caregiver who is caring for their spouse.

Doug Feltman, CPA,  CS
President of Home Helpers

As Alzheimer's Disease relentlessly progresses over what may be years, the demands on caregivers become more complex and difficult.  When I found myself having to do more and more as a caregiver, I knew I needed professional help beyond what the Alzheimer's Association and literature could provide.  Fortunately I met a dementia care practitioner, Vivian Green Korner.  She came to my home, spoke with and helped evaluate my wife, and gave me all kinds of useful advice and recommendations.  These included ways to be more successful communicating with my wife, suggested home care agencies and now preparations for a nursing home.  The bottom line is that an experienced dementia care practitioner can be a tremendous help guiding and advising a beleaguered caregiver, saving much time and effort.  I strongly recommend using such a person, and strongly recommend Vivian Green Korner.

Les A.

Caregiver When Vivian came into my life, I was so emotionally and physically overwelmed caring for my mother. I couldn't reason with my Mom when she insisted on going home, when she was home. She wouldn't use her walker when it was in front of her and would be up throughout the night and sleep during the day. Vivian gave me practical tips and offered recommendations which really worked. My Mom and I are now both less agitated. Vivian gave me suggested activities and patiently educated me on many ways to engage my mother. Her knowledge and patience is a gift. I am so grateful. 

Clara S.

"Vivian Green Korner presented on Dementia Care to our agency's Caregiving staff. We were impressed by how comprehensive and interactive the training was. She immediately engaged our Caregivers by using them as examples, as well as drawing on her own and their personal experiences with Dementia. I would highly recommend Vivian's presentation to any business looking to set the bar higher when it comes to Dementia care. We had a great time and our Caregivers raved!"

Jackie Major
Right at Home, In Home Care & Assistance

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