Using Technology to Stay Connected During COVID-19

Families and friends can continue to stay connected virtually with their loved ones through various platforms, such as FaceTime, Skype or Zoom. While utilizing this technology can be valuable for connection, individuals with dementia may not be use to interacting in this way and therefore can initially be resistant to engage.

Before introducing virtual family/friend chats, it is best to familiarize the individual with video conferencing technology. Here are steps to take:

1.First, introduce online videos through connecting to their interests and   pastimes. For example, YouTube offers a variety of videos to view including:
-TV shows such as Everyone Loves Raymond
-Live concerts or shows he/she enjoys
-Tours of museums, aquariums, nature scenes, children at play

2. Once they are used to seeing visuals on the screen, they can be more inclined to accepting a video chat.

3. Prior to the video chat, let the person know that this is a new way of connecting remotely. (*It is recommended to have two people at most on the chat. Each person should introduce himself/herself and keep the conversation positive.)

4. Spend the chat sharing what you are doing and avoid quizzing the person.

While it is difficult to remain apart during these difficult times, it is important to take advantage of the technology at hand to continue personal connection with your loved ones.

Vivian Green Korner, MA, CDP has dedicated her career to enhancing the lives of individuals challenged with Alzheimer’s disease and offering much needed support and guidance to their caregivers. She has an active private practice focusing on family caregiver issues. In addition, she provides dementia care training seminars to home health professionals throughout New Jersey. She is a caregiver support group facilitator, serves as a guest speaker for community groups and offers presentations on caregiver issues. Vivian’s commitment to raising Alzheimer’s awareness has led her to create and organize 7 community- based Alzheimer’s Awareness Weeks in communities throughout New Jersey. She currently holds positions in county and hospital advisory boards.

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