Mother's Day Gifts For Caregivers

Did you know that between 60-70% of Alzheimer’s/dementia caregivers are women? These unsung heroes are family and paid caregivers. Often it’s not in their nature to ask and accept support but they need and deserve our acknowledgement and gifts of appreciation. So with Mother’s Day approaching, here are some welcomed suggestions:

Time: Give a few hours that your caregiver can have for herself. If you can’t provide the respite care yourself, turn to a trusted Home Care Agency. We all need some down time to replenish.
Send Flowers: Always a welcomed gift
Regular scheduled visit. Caregivers need company. They often complain of isolation. Visits can be a combination of phone and in person visits on a weekly or more frequent basis. 

Food delivery from a local restaurant. Set up an account to have meals delivered and help support local small businesses
Medical Alert System: Sometimes a caregiver is afraid to step away and it is common for individuals with dementia to wander. A medical alert system will give a caregiver peace of mind.
Gift certificate or gift cards. Many family members take unpaid leave or cut down on their work hours to provide care. Gift cards and cash are well earned and always welcomed.
Mother’s Day can be an opportunity to give a gift of unburdening a responsibility. For example, this could be the right time to offer taking over tasks such as bill paying or accompanying either the caregiver or the family member with dementia to an appointment.

Want to brainstorm more ideas for a meaningful mother’s day gift specific to your some special? contact me

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