Similarities Between The Current Pandemic Strains And Caregiver Fatigue- The Need To Create Boundaries

Recently the New York Times published “How to Set Pandemic Boundaries for Relatives” addressing the new normal of arising stress and familial tension as a result of the pandemic.                                                                                                   

The article discusses the current challenges endured by families who, despite the best of intentions to care for each other, are becoming depleted and frustrated. As the writer states, “Indeed, with no end in sight, many people are wearing down. How long can they keep this up? Can they dial back their level of commitment, be it a pledge of time, money, or emotional support? And why is it so hard?” She continued on to provide advice on how to navigate these new stressors and obstacles through the importance of setting boundaries.

This article is not only helpful for those currently suffering during the pandemic but also brings to light the similarities between the current pandemic strains and caregiver fatigue. The similarities serve as a reminder of the plight of caregivers and create empathy, understanding, and help with their ongoing struggles.

One of the most important takeaways for both caregivers and individuals struggling during this time is to create healthy boundaries. In doing so, one should:
•Create a list of what is needed and from that list determine what you are willing to do and what responsibilities can be delegated to others
•Recognize the needs of family members may change and contracts of care should be renegotiated if needed
•Maintain sustainability to care by deciding what is best and reasonable for you and those whom you are caring for.

If you are a caregiver or know a caregiver, I strongly suggest you read and share The NYT article
How To Set Pandemic Boundaries With Families, as well as reference an article from one of my previous newsletters, What' The Buzz About Caregiver Fatigue??

You are not alone. If you would like help during this difficult time and assistance in creating healthy boundaries,   contact me to learn more.

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