Compassionate Transitioning To A Facility During Covid-19

We all know change of any kind is frightening and difficult, especially when transferring a loved one from their home to a hospital, rehabilitation facility, assisted living facility or a skilled nursing facility. The realities of Covid-19 add another layer of difficulty to this process.

Sometimes the family is unable to be there to ease their loved ones into their new care facility, or they are not permitted to spend the time they would like due to COVID-19 restrictions.  Some families turn to hiring a paid caregiver to be an extension of the family during this difficult time.  Private duty caregivers can be hired with the help of a licensed Home Care Agency.  The agency not only provides a caregiver that is bonded, insured, screened and trained, but can assist in the transition by offering the following assistance throughout the entire process:

Prior to transfer or discharge:
•Phone communication with the family and/or person receiving care to perform an initial evaluation of care needs.  
•Phone communication to the facility social workers or discharge planners to discuss facility protocol, expectations and care needs.
•Caregiver orientation of expectations, care plan needs and facility protocol to follow.  

Upon transfer a caregiver will provide the following:
•Assist with transportation to their first day at the facility or meet at the facility on a regularly scheduled basis as determined. Help them get settled in as needed.
•Wipe down and disinfect surfaces upon entry.
•Communicate updates to the family that pertain to discharge instructions, follow up needs and future care plan.
•To reduce risk of exposure, caregivers will perform errands such as picking up prescriptions, groceries, personal items needed.
•Assist with in-person or video appointment for follow-ups and doctor's appointments.
•Organize their room/home properly for patient safety and comfort.
•Help them get oriented at the facility by attending meals or activities with them.  
•Offer companionship and reassurance of their new surroundings.

On-going Care:
•Agency RN will visit and conduct an evaluation of the care needs and put together a thorough care plan for the caregiver to follow.
•Caregiver will continue communications with families and offer updates.
•Continuation of daily cleaning protocol and disinfecting surfaces.
•Extended support through caring companionship, transportation, meal preps, medication reminders and personal needs.
•Work with facility team members and family to provide ongoing comprehensive care as needed.

Home Care agencies have flexible care plans tailored to meet each family’s needs, budget and schedule. From a few hours a day to 24-hour care, their trained caregivers are available to assist families when they need it most.

By: Kristin Shute – Owner
Home Helpers Home Care of Bergen County
64 West Allendale Avenue, Allendale, New Jersey
Main office: 201-236-6333

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